AirPro Gas Solutions enable our customers to make their own Nitrogen, Oxygen or Hydrogen at the touch of a button, anywhere, anytime.
Providing an uninterrupted, automatic supply of gas at cost saving of up to 90% on having gas delivered.

We specialises in purification and separation technologies where compressed air and gas purity, product quality, technological excellence and support are paramount. Our systems have excelled in enabling our customers to take control of their own gas supply and are in service all around the world.

As a partner, AirPro offers:


  • In-depth knowledge of gas generation technology

  • Knowledge of a wide range of applications and markets

  • Expertise in integrated system design

  • Experience in developing customised solutions

  • Support for integrating the system into your business’ processes


Depending on the application and the volume of gas required, a choice will be made as to whether Cryogenic, Membrane, Pressure Swing Absorption or Electrolysis is the most appropriate method.

AirPro will guide you to the best solution to meet your requirements.
Investing in an AirPro gas system will bring many benefits to your business:

Budget: Operating costs are greatly reduced. Gas price increases become a thing of the past, giving certainty and control over the operating budget.
Administration: No invoicing, stocktaking or rental of expensive gas container.

Safety: Only enough gas is produced to meet your immediate needs.

Reliability: An on-site system works around the clock, regardless of road and weather conditions. Industrial disputes do not affect delivery.

Handling: Gas is produced automatically, as needed. Staff don't need to receive or oversee deliveries into stock.

Environment: Fuel usage is reduced as there is no road transport.

Renowned companies, clinics and facilities all over the world rely on solutions from AirPro for the production of oxygen and nitrogen. When will you be part of it?