Oxygen Applications

Eliminate the expense, inconvenience, hazardous handling, and storage problems associated with purchased liquid or the transportation of high pressure oxygen cylinders.

AirPro provides on site, on demand oxygen supply solutions, customised for your challenge


Oxygen Generator Applications

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

As a provider of Premier Oxygen Generators, AirPro has experience supplying complete systems to Hospitals, Veterinary Clinics and Hyperbaric Medical Centres.


AirPro Oxygen Generators allow veterinary facilities to produce their own oxygen on site.


Aquaculture is the most rapidly expanding food industry in the world as a result of declining wild fisheries stocks and growing global demand for seafood.


Unsurpassed in accuracy, control and reliability, continuous on-line oxygen purity and pressure monitoring systems ensure an uninterrupted supply of medical-grade oxygen

Waste Water Treatment
Waste Water Treatment

AirPro Oxygen Generators allow you to inject oxygen into your treatment plants, improve sludge settling, lower sludge load, control odours and improve treatment capacity.

Ozone Generation

Ozone is being increasingly used to improve the organic qualities of drinking water with control of taste, odour, and colour as well as for its germicidal action.

Oxyfuel Cutting

AirPro offers a range of cost effective oxygen gas generation systems which enable users to produce their total demand for oxygen on their premises, under their complete control.

Plasma Torches Oxygen Generation
Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting with AirPro generated oxygen will not only cut production and labor costs, but will also improve the quality of your product.

Equine HBOT
Equine Hyperbaric Oxygen

For many people that work with horses in their business, an improved state of health for that animal can mean better business.