Oxyfuel Cutting

Oxyfuel Cutting

AirPro offers a range of cost effective oxygen gas generation systems which enable users to produce their total demand for oxygen on their premises, under their complete control.


AirPro has experience providing high quality Oxygen Generators for use with oxyfuel cutters to a wide variety of companies.



AirPro promised – and delivered – easy to use systems to save us money on both our Nitrogen and Oxygen, year on year.

We would recommend AirPro to anyone looking to cut their gas costs and take control of their operating budget.

They have provided us with expert advice and their work is first class!


– Pat Rynn  Rynn Engineering Ltd.
Pat Rynn


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Oxygen is the most commonly used assist gas for mild-steel cutting applications. Oxygen causes an exothermic reaction that helps provide the heat to make laser cutting possible. There are benefits and drawbacks to using oxygen instead of nitrogen and air. First, oxygen requires a much lower flow and pressure than nitrogen, meaning the consumption—and ultimately the costs—are lower. Also, at thicknesses of more than .08 inches, oxygen cuts faster.


Assist gas is an important consumable in the laser-cutting process—one that manufacturers often neglect to optimise. If not considered carefully, assist-gas setups can cost businesses thousands in equipment and gas-supply costs.


For the most optimal production, manufacturers must mould assist-gas delivery and storage strategies to fit individual needs and applications. If source tanks are too small, a manufacturer may face frequent production interruptions as gas runs out; on the contrary, buying a too-large bulk-gas system can result in unnecessary equipment rental fees, storage space and transport issues.



AirPro offers an ideal solution to this requirement with a comprehensive range of cost effective oxygen gas generation systems which enable users to produce their total demand for oxygen gas on their premises, under their complete control.


Eliminating the expense, inconvenience, hazardous handling, and storage problems associated with the transportation of high pressure oxygen cylinders. With PSA technology they are the most efficient and dependable generators available today. Fully automatic, they require no supervision for operation.



Advantages of Oxyfuel Cutting with an AirPro Oxygen Generator:

  • Unlimited high purity gas
  • Greater productivity
  • Lower cost per part and long term price stability
  • Higher profitability
  • Easier to use
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved safety