Veterinary Oxygen


AirPro Oxygen Generators allow veterinary facilities to produce their own oxygen on site.


Our oxygen systems can be custom built for your facilities specific needs and will give you complete confidence in the reliability of your oxygen supply.


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As an essential veterinary facility, the central oxygen supply system is designed with monitoring features allowing backup and the ability to trigger immediate restoration in the unlikely event of a system failure.


Oxygen can be used for stabilizing animals both during and after surgical procedures. Installations range from small clinics to large hospitals. An inhaled anaesthetic gas and high purity oxygen combination means that animals usually recover very quickly from procedures.


AirPro’s Oxygen Generators eliminate the expense, inconvenience, uncertain deliveries, hazardous handling, and storage problems associated with purchased liquid or the transportation of high pressure oxygen cylinders. With PSA and VSA technology these generators are the most efficient and dependable systems available today. Fully automatic, they require no supervision for operation.


Unsurpassed in accuracy, control and reliability, continuous on-line oxygen purity and pressure monitoring systems ensure an uninterrupted supply of medical-grade oxygen.


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AirPro Oxygen Generators are manufactured according to the standards and regulations of:


  • The European Pharmacopoeia
  • ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
  • PED (Pressure Equipment Directive)
  • MDD (Medical Device Directive)


AirPro Generators and have been designed and supplied in accordance with the following Medical Oxygen Standards: USP XXII, CE 93/42/EEC, CSA, HTM2022, and the Argentinian Medical Oxygen Standards.


Airpro Medical Oxygen Systems meet ISO10083 and ISO7396 criteria for Oxygen Pressure and ISO8573(Class 1.4.1) for Air Quality.


Contact us now and we can assess your facilities operating requirements and design an oxygen system to meet your specific needs.




AirPro have always been easy to work with. We started off with AirPro 15 years ago planning what we would require in our hospital. Once our requirements were clarified our system was set up and works away providing oxygen on demand 24/7, 365 days of the year. Minimal input is required from our staff. We have good support both on site and over the phone when solving any issues that occur.


Before AirPro we had to monitor our daily oxygen usage very closely to ensure that we had adequate supply for the coming days. Frequently we could not get delivery of the quantity of cylinders we required at short notice. This posed scheduling problems with major surgeries. The luxury of being able to use as much oxygen as we require for emergency cases is something we value greatly.


I would strongly recommend AirPro, they provide us with reliable, hassle free, on demand oxygen without limits.


– William Hayden  Partner, Nutgrove Veterinary Hospital