Oxygen for Aquaculture

Gas Measurement and Control

Due to reliability, low maintenance demands and ease of maintenance, OxyGuard instruments have an excellent total cost of ownership.


AirPro is committed to selecting the best products for our customer’s needs, it is this commitment which led us to OxyGuard.


For almost two decades AirPro have worked with OxyGuard to supply water quality measuring and monitoring equipment for our customers.


OxyGuard’s continuing research and development has made it one of the few companies in the world that can manufacture probes characterized by high accuracy and stability, extreme ease of use together with negligible maintenance needs and costs. This expertise, together with many year’s experience gained by OxyGuard’s business partners and customers, is applied to give the probes and systems offered for use in aquaculture and elsewhere some outstanding qualities. Recent developments in design allow not only measurements, but also control over oxygen usage.

AirPro has a great deal of experience supplying quality measuring and monitoring equipment for our customers.


Contact us now and we can assess your requirements and help you select products to meet your specific needs.



Find a list of innovative OxyGuard products below:

Stationary Systems

Measure, monitor and control DO, pure oxygen, carbon dioxide, ozone, temperature, ph or redox from anywhere

Hand-held Instruments

OxyGuard Handy hand-held oxygen meters have proved their worth all over the world since 1989.

PH and Redox (ORP) Instruments

OxyGuard pH and redox probes are all designed to give trouble-free service. Traditionally pH measurement has been associated with problems mainly caused by the very high electrical impedance of the pH electrode.

PPB Level D.O. Measurement

The OxyGuard PPB is specially designed for the measurement of dissolved oxygen (D.O.) at ppb levels (microgram per litre) in boiler feed water, condensate, district heating water, breweries and other types of liquid with low dissolved oxygen content.