Waste Water Treatment

Atlantic for Waste Water

OxyGuard reliability, accuracy and ease of use specially adapted for use in Waste Water plants.

The Atlantic is an accurate, reliable and easy to use oxygen meter with features especially suited for use in waste water treatment plants.


The Atlantic is an accurate, reliable and easy to use oxygen meter with features especially suited for use in waste water treatment plants. It measures both dissolved oxygen and temperature – you can choose which units are used.

The Atlantic has 4 relays, a 4-20 mA output and a 4-20 mA compensation input. The Atlantic incorporates 8 alarm set points and 8 timers that can be logically linked to obtain several functions useful in waste water treatment plants.


Fibre, rags, floating objects?

Fat, grease or oil in the water?

Just use the Pioneer and fit an Oxyguard Probe Cleaner!





Automatic calibration

You just put the probe in the air and start the process – Atlantic does the rest.



Atlantic for waste water has 4 relays, 8 timers and 8 set points


The set points, timers and relays can be logically linked to give the desired function. There is also a built in buzzer. For example, you can choose to start the buzzer if the DO has been under a set point for a certain length of time. If the DO stays low even longer a relay can be activated to trigger a remote alarm.
A second, lower, set point can trigger the remote alarm immediately if it is violated. Two other set points can be used to activate two relay outputs to control aerators. There is still one relay left to control the probe cleaner. There is a button on the front panel to silence the buzzer. Red indicators on the front panel show when there is an alarm. The display tells you exactly which condition has triggered the alarm.







Atlantic Probe


Measurement principle: Oxygen: Galvanic oxygen partial pressure cell, self polarizing, self
temperature compensating. Temperature: Precision NTC
Dimensions: Diameter = 58 mm, length = 59 mm.
Weight: Probe alone 0.2 kg. Probe with 7m cable 0.5 kg.
Connections: Cable, 4 lead, standard cable length = 7 m.
Measurement range: DO 0-200% sat, 0-20 mg/l, O2 vol. 0-25%, other on request. Temp. from – 5°C.
Accuracy: Depends on calibration and conditions. Typically better than +/-1% of value.
Output stability: In air at constant temperature stable to within +/- 1% over 1 year.
Accuracy, temperature: +/- 0.3°C.
Operating conditions: 0 to 40°C, pressure to 2 bar. Higher on request. Storage temp.: -5 to +60°C.


Atlantic Transmitter


Construction: ABS enclosure with display, indicators, pushbuttons and alarm buzzer.
Dimensions & weight: b x h x d: 213 x 185 x 95 mm, 1.2 kg.
Supply & consumption: 230 VAC, 115 VAC +/-10% or 9 to 36VDC. 10 W. Specify when ordering.
Operating conditions: -10 to +50°C. Max. 90% humidity non-condensing. Enclosure IP65.
Storage conditions: -10 to +60°. Max. 90% humidity non-condensing.
Probe inputs: mV for oxygen, NTC for temperature. Scaleable. Choice of units.
Probe input units: Oxygen: mg/l, PPM, % Sat, % Vol, mbar O2. Temperature: °C or °F.
Compensation input: 4-20 mA. Scalable. Max voltage drop 5V at 20 mA. Can compensate for salinity, pressure, temperature or NTC temperature. Can be used for separate 0-20 or 4-20 mA measurement signal input with units mg/l, PPM, % Sat, % Vol,
°C, °F, mmHg, inHg, mbar O2, PPT, pH.
Analogue output: 4-20 mA. Max. load 820 ohm (total). User selectable range & parameter. Fully galvanically isolated from all inputs.
Display: Graphical LCD with backlight. Max 4 figures, 2 decimals, 13 mm height.
Conversion accuracy: To display and analogue output < +/- 0.1%. Non-linearity and repeatability typically < +/- 0.1% of actual value.
Relay outputs: 4, with potential free changeover (SPDT) contacts. Selectable mode (direct or inverted), and linking to parameter or logical argument. Max load 200VA or 1A AC, recommended max 24 VAC (abs. max 250 VAC). 2A at 24 VDC.
Logical functions: Direct, inverted, multiply. With “and” and “not and” linking.
Alarms: 8, variable hysteresis about set point. Selectable parameter, values & linking.
Timers: 8, from 1 second to 9999999 seconds (approx. 115 days). Selectable period, duty cycle and offset. Can activate or be activated by alarm. Can freeze the output. Can activate relays. Can be reset from front panel.