Generating Oxygen for Fish

PSA generated oxygen is the cheapest and cleanest way of getting pure oxygen and the fish will love it.

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Generating oxygen for fish with an AirPro Oxygen Generator is the cheapest and cleanest way of getting pure oxygen and the fish will love it.


Tighter government restrictions, higher quality standards and production costs, and scarce water supplies are evident now and will continue. AirPro can provide your business with Oxygen Generators, cost-effective monitoring and sampling solutions to help you meet these challenges. Our innovative technologies offer real advantages that result in real savings.

More than 60% of all fish sold in the world today are supplied by the fish farming industry and this number keeps growing.


AirPro Gas Solutions work to create a better world for the fish and a better profit for the fish farmers. There are many different ways of doing this. Here is 5 different ways of improving the fish welfare and value.



1.   Fish are like any other creature on this planet; they are healthier and happier when the surroundings and the environment are in perfect harmony.



2.  Let the fish exercise in natural flow. If you build a carousel and create the right flow, the muscle structure of your fish will improve and the growth rates will increase. Exercise and physical activity results in a better and more content. This goes for humans – as well as for fish!



3.   A controlled usage of LED light will improve the growth rates of the fish. Research has concluded that using the light in caves will increase the growth by up till 8%. It will reduce fish mortality as well as the stress factors affecting the fish. In addition, lice on Salmons, which is a huge problem, will be reduced.


4.   Feeding the fish the correct nutrition also increases the welfare of the fish. In the RAS industry, it makes even more sense to invest in the right feeding’s as this will decrease the amount of waste in the water, which subsequently needs to be removes during the RAS process. The RAS waste can be reduced with as much as 20%. The benefit is that the fish obtain the feeding much better and hence growth rates increase. Mortality drops as the quality of the RAS water increases. RAS can be done in many ways. Ozone produced from pure oxygen made by an AirPro Oxygen Generator combined with UV light is a very good solution.


In general, stress factors such as dirty water, changes in temperature, poor diet, unnatural changing of light, small ponds or tanks or the wrong dosage of oxygen will decrease the fish welfare.


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