International Ozone Association

International Ozone Association

Ozone and Related Oxidants for Water Treatment, Food Processing, Agriculture, Industry, Health and Environment.

This event continues a long series of successful conferences organised to provide an international forum for all concerned with fundamental, engineering and applied aspects of oxidation techniques involving ozone and related advanced oxidation systems.

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The International Ozone Association is organizing in collaboration with UCD School of Biosystems Engineering an International Conference & Exhibition entitled Ozone and Related Oxidants for Water Treatment, Food Processing, Agriculture, Industry, Health and Environment.


This Event is scheduled to take place on the 3rd to 5th June 2014, in Dublin, Ireland. This event continues a long series of successful conferences organized annually.


With the aim of offering the most suitable framework to share information and to strengthen relationships between all professionals and scientists working worldwide in this field, the Conference will feature:


  • Scientific sessions with oral and poster presentations and forum discussions on all topics of interest related to the Conference theme
  • An exhibition opened to any organisation to display technologies, products and services
  • A technical visit of ozone plant for practical view of technology implementation
  • And social and cultural activities for the enjoyment of the delegates and their guests


Global population is growing by about 80 million people annually and will reach ca. 8 billion by 2030 with 60% of urban dwellers. Together with population growth and urbanisation, globalisation and wealth is forcing rapid changes in living standards, food and water consumption patterns. This unprecedented expansion in industrialisation and intensive agriculture poses an array of significant challenges related to the sustainable use of natural resources for provision of basic human needs such as safe drinking water, food, energy and materials. Protection of the environment and human health through adequate control of pollution discharge and development of green processes for the industry fields of agri-food, production & transformation processes, energy and water treatment is also critical.

This event will provide an overview of the current state of knowledge and latest advances regarding the use of ozone and related advanced oxidation systems for providing solutions to meet these goals.


Topics of interest relevant to the Conference theme include but are not limited to the combinations of:


  • Agri-Food safety and quality
  • Waste, Air and Soil treatment
  • Wash water, process water
  • Wastewater treatment, recycling and reuse
  • Ecosystem preservation
  • Industrial applications, Reaction mechanisms, kinetics by-products, advanced oxidation
  • Hydraulics, hydrodynamics, mass transfer
  • Modelling, validation, system design
  • Product / Process Research & Development
  • Full-scale applications


The IOA wish to continue to offer the world the unique opportunity:


  • To interface with scientists, researchers, students, engineers, users, technical experts, representatives of leading organizations from various disciplines,
  • To share the latest information on research topics, current issues, technologies under development, new applications, full-scale experiences and equipments and products,
  • To consider and discuss directions able to deliver innovative, competitive and sustainable solutions which address current and next challenges.