Waste Water Treatment


Years of experience in design and manufacture have gone in to AirPro products, meaning you will be able to rely upon them for many years. Their performance and durability are unsurpassed.

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Gibraltar PSA Generator
Oxygen Generators

Eliminate the expense, inconvenience, hazardous handling, and storage problems associated with purchased liquid or the transportation of high pressure oxygen cylinders.

Nitrogen Generator System
Nitrogen Generators

AirPro provides on site, on demand nitrogen supply solutions, customised for your challenge.

Mobile Oxygen + Nitrogen Generators
Mobile Generators

AirPro Oxygen and Nitrogen Generators can be delivered to you mounted on a frame, skidded and truck mounted systems or in a shipping container.

Gas Measurement and Control

Due to reliability, low maintenance demands and ease of maintenance, OxyGuard instruments have an excellent total cost of ownership.


AirPro can provide your business with solutions to enable you to efficiently and affordably manage and control the dissolved gases in your water.

Oxygen Diffuser Frame
Oxygen Frames

Sometimes, it is necessary to quickly employ gas diffusion, whether it be to a polluted river, an oxygen starved lake or a sea cage, affected by an algal bloom.