Fine bubble diffuser

Track Lock MBD

Track Lock diffusers are an economical alternative to the MDBs (Micro Bubble Diffusers)

Like the MDBs, they are good for use with pure oxygen and/or carbon dioxide. However, their module design allows for greater flexibility, and it’s plastic base eliminates the possibility of corrosion.


Track Lock MBD, Micro Bubble Diffusers


Maximum versatility for increasing your dissolved oxygen

Track Lock diffusers are an economical alternative to the MBD’s (Micro Bubble Diffusers).




The flat plate design ensures bubbles across the entire surface. The slim design will not hinder fish netting and will accommodate most fish transportation systems. The twist and lock design allows for easy diffusing area adjustment, or for simple removal of sections for cleaning/servicing.




Depends on submerged depth, flow rate, and dissolved oxygen concentration. Typically 40% to 50% at 1 m depth; can be as high as 80% or even 100% at depths of 6m or more.




Plastic frame

– will not rust or degrade over time.


Easy to install and use

– simple to connect for trouble-free operation.


Efficient design

– the flat design minimizes rising air bubble coalescence.


Comprehensive customer support

– take advantage of our considerable engineering expertise and thorough after-sales support.


1 year warranty

– covering defective materials and workmanship.




  • Aquaculture and Commercial Fish Farming
  • Increase production and reduce operating costs
  • Emergency back-up
  • Live Fish Transportation
  • Reduce fish stress and mortalities
  • Increase fish density
  • Fish Handling and Processing
  • Anaesthetising with CO2
  • Stress reduction in holding tanks
  • Industrial Waste Water Treatment
  • Supplemental oxygen
  • pH control using CO2
  • Educational
  • Universities and research labs
  • Environmental
  • Lake aeration