Nitrogen Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

AirPro has experience providing high quality Nitrogen Generators for use with laser cutters to a wide variety of companies.


AirPro has experience providing high quality Nitrogen Generators for use with laser cuttering to a wide variety of companies.


AirPro promised – and delivered – easy to use systems to save us money on both our Nitrogen and Oxygen, year on year.

We would recommend AirPro to anyone looking to cut their gas costs and take control of their operating budget.

They have provided us with expert advice and their work is first class!

– Pat Rynn  Rynn Engineering Ltd.Pat Rynn


Laser Cutting

By far the largest use of nitrogen gas within this industry sector is for laser cutting. Laser cutting with nitrogen is intended for applications where oxidation is not wanted. Nitrogen does not react with the material and is therefore the predominant cutting gas for high-alloyed steels, including stainless steel.


Nitrogen gas is used as an ‘assist gas’ to prevent oxidisation or discolouration and to blow away the molten material from the cut edge. It is also used in certain types of laser cutting machine as a ‘purge gas’ to ensure the laser beam guide path from the resonator (where the beam is generated), to the cutting head, is free of contamination that could otherwise affect the power or alter the shape of the beam.


When using nitrogen any oxidation is avoided and it is the basis for preserving the corrosion resistance of laser-cut stainless steel components and for good paint adhesion on laser cut mild steel samples. By cutting high-alloy steels with laser cutting nitrogen, you can ensure a burr-free, clear cut surface that can be processed further straight away.


AirPro’s Nitrogen Generators can be used to provide an unlimited high purity gas supply for laser cutters.

Eliminating the expense, inconvenience, hazardous handling, and storage problems associated with the transportation of high pressure nitrogen cylinders. With PSA technology they are the most efficient and dependable generators available today. Fully automatic, they require no supervision for operation.


Advantages of Laser Cutting with an AirPro Nitrogen Generator:


  • Unlimited high purity gas
  • Better cut quality
  • Greater productivity
  • Lower cost per part and long term price stability
  • Higher profitability
  • Easier to use
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved safety