The Disinfecting Power of Ozone

Ozone is a powerful, natural and ‘chemical free alternative’ sanitising solution.

 >> The Disinfecting Power of Ozone



Ozone is a powerful, natural and ‘chemical free alternative’ sanitising solution. Oxygen from our Oxygen Generators is used as a dry feed gas to ozone generators, greatly improving ozone output.






  • Cost Effective, requires no consumables or chemicals with the only operational requirements being water and electricity, with very low running costs.


  • Automated System, The system is fully automated and can run at maximum efficiency 24/7. With internet connectivity and bespoke alarm systems to alert the end user.


  • Fast Acting, This system utilises ozone based technology to instantly neutralise offensive odours. Unlike charcoal based systems, the system does not work by providing a physical barrier and therefore does not get clogged up or less effective over time.


  • Ecologically Benign, Ozonated water is chemical free so reduces effluent charges and is safe to the environment. Water can be recycled and reused, keeping water costs and effluent charges very low.






Disinfect Surfaces

Ozone water can be used to wash down food contact surfaces and equipment and by applying the highly potent biocide instantly kills microorganisms.


Ozonated water is the fastest most effective biocidal kill and highly effective against all common microorganisms found, for example, in the Food Factory environment (Listeria, Pseudomonas, E.coli, Salmonella, Coliforms, Yeastand Moulds).


The Whole Room system generates Ozone gas by converting ambient air into Ozone gas which in turn is injected into the room via bespoke injector nozzles, mounted in the ceiling. The Ozone gas is diffused into the room providing full killing power to ensure deep sanitisation of all surfaces and orientations, including high and difficult to reach areas.


Ozone Disenfection of Factory

Ozone Disinfection of Factory



Water Purification

Water purification applications include drinking water, bottled water, swimming pools, industrial waste waters cooling towers, groundwater remediation and waste water re-use.


Ozone Water, how it works

Ozone Water, how it works


Odour Control

By injecting ozone into the odorous air stream within the chimney or ducting, advanced oxidation processes (AOP) remove industrial odours without the need for harmful chemicals or expensive charcoal-based filters.


Ozone odour abatement systems have been developed as regulations from Environmental Health Agencies on odour control tightens, leaving many manufacturers seeking a cost effective solution.


Contact us now to find out more about the benefits of moving to Ozone. We can assess your facility’s operating requirements and design a system to meet your specific needs.