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Veolia use a Nitrogen Generator, supplied and serviced by Airpro Gas Solutions to provide an inert blanketing atmosphere over their fuel storage.

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Through their  Fermoy, Co. Cork  facility, Veolia Environmental Services can transfer hazardous waste delivered from customers’ sites to end recovery or disposal destinations.


These waste types vary from small laboratory type waste, to drummed waste, sludge and bulk waste carried in tankers. No waste volume is too large or too small. Due to the storage capacity of the site they are able to accept hazardous waste from customers and store it on-site until sufficient volume of that waste type is present.


With a professional approach to this very specialised handling, Veoila put the appropriate techniques and documentation in place to transfer the waste onwards in an economical and sustainable manner.

Environmental Services uses waste solvent and oils to produce Secondary Liquid Fuel, (SLF), offering a cost effective and environmentally sound recycling option for industries producing a wide range of hazardous wastes.


The Veolia Environmental Services blending plant is the largest and most modern in Ireland.  It has a capacity to produce 40,000 tonnes per annum of Solvent Liquid Fuel.   It has six stainless steel interconnected blending tanks ranging in capacity from 30m3 to 120m3 each of which can be charged from and discharged directly to road tankers.


All the tanks are operated under a nitrogen atmosphere and are equipped with explosion vents and pressure relief valves set at 20mBar. In addition, the tanks are vented through a scrubber system. Furthermore, the operation of the plant is automated through the use of a Scada system. The solvent waste which is collected from clients (pharma, ICT and manufacturing industry) in containers ranging from laboratory bottles to drums to IBC’s to ISO tankers and/or road barrels is only blended after meticulous analysis and compatibility testing.

Veolia Environmental Services’ hazardous waste facility has a solvent blending capacity of 45,000 tonnes per annum. The facility can blend both bulk and drummed solvent and aqueous waste.  Blending operations are carried out under strict Health and Safety Guidelines to generate specific blends which enable these resulting blends to be sent to recovery facilities.


Veolia use a Nitrogen Generator, supplied and serviced by Airpro Gas Solutions to provide an inert blanketing atmosphere over their fuel storage.  Another good example of cost effective, no-nonsense nitrogen gas supply.  The system operates automatically.  When there is no demand for inerting, the system goes into standby mode.

After a certain amount of nitrogen being drawn from the receivers, the Airpo system restarts, replenishing the receivers.